Winter & Spa Travel Market
23 - 24rd October 2019
Belgrade, Serbia

About Conference

The conference, entitled Travel2IT is intended for professionals in tourism, with special emphasis on the latest trends and information & communication technology (ICT) related to the MICE and tourism industries.

The tourism industry is changing and evolving faster than ever before, and the development of ICT is one of the most important factors that influences the formation of trends and changes in the business. Internet and ICT have become an indispensable part of almost all processes in tourism - the information mining, communication, reservations and even the on-site services are unthinkable without modern technology. Consequently, the continuous improvements of knowledge, innovative solutions, new initiatives and search for ways to improve operations at the present time have become imperative in the global economy.

The primary objective of the conference, as an integral part of the "Winter Events & Spa Travel Market", is the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as monitoring and establishing trends within the professional community. Accordingly, the aim of the conference is set to provide insight and knowledge necessary to operate in the region of South East Europe and beyond, and to encourage open and honest discussion regarding important issues in the industry. The Travel2IT conference is focused on two directions:


The conference is organized in several sessions during the fair WESTM, in different formats (presentations, panel discussions, practical examples ...). Presenters at the conference are prominent regional managers, researchers, and other stakeholders involved in the development of tourism in Southeastern Europe.

The Conference is supported by numerous regional associations from the region of South East Europe, as well as the state of Serbia and the Serbian and regional media.

Welcome to the Travel2IT conference!