Winter & Spa Travel Market
22 - 23nd October 2019
Belgrade, Serbia

Fresh Island - digitalni mix u turizmu

Although identified with renting a hotel, swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, tourism has drastically changed in the past decade. Destinations where you can enjoy something additional are becoming a hit, and their value rises. Festivals represent a new trend in tourism and as such are a requirement of every destination. One of the newer and increasingly popular destination is the island of Pag, more specifically Zrće beach in city of Novalja. Ibiza has opened a view on "that" side, and with Zrće following similar smart strategy, more and more young people from around the world are attracted by this destination. Zrće is recognized, among others, as a festival destination following that numerous festivals including the largest Hip Hop festival in this part of Europe are held here.

The story of the Fresh Island Festival lasts for five years and will endure further. Although the target is a bit narrow niche of Hip hoppers from UK, we are much closer to success than before mostly tahnks to clever strategy and targeting. Facebook custom audience, email automatization, google search, newer social networks, advertising, programatic advetising and instant reactions, bring us closer to success and bringing more people to the festival, but also to bringing more accommodation bookings in hotels, more excursion bookings and as well as all other services at the destination. The tools are known, some more some less, but the key is good selection of strategy.

How much help can we get from the previous festivals data? They are precious. Through different analitic systems we can see, and eventually use, data on the origin of our guests. It seems as valuable information, but the information is still more valuable when we know the city, town, street, Facebook ID number, email and at what time are packages being bought. Learning from previous years led us to the fact that we know when our target makets get their paychecks, when they spend money and at what time they buy packages and do their bookings. This process is valuable and certainly the phenomenal benchmark. However, one needs to know how to read the information and how to recognize them. By taking a look at the analytics tools doesn't offer much if one doesn't not know how to read the data, so the starting point and a prerequisite for everuthing is analytics knowledge and experience.

After we saw the market opportunities, we come to creating a strategy that brings success. Today, it's very hard to succeed by using only one channel of advertising. One of the reasons is because one channel has no competition, and the other is because one channel is not comparable, which is actually connected. Integration is the key of course. Integrated marketing campaigns that represent digital mix in the true meaning of it are what make a strategy great and what brings success. Without integrarting the various channels, whith each one helping another, possibility of comparing them and some hard work as well in making sure that everything happens "live", one should not even start with developing strategies or expect success. Succes derives from the integration, which generates the channel that stands out, and in which one you need to invest more.

The lecture Fresh Island - Digital mix in tourism, we will see how it came to the creation of strategy that contributed to the great interest and the attendance of the festival, as well as to accommodation and excursion bookings.

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