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Virtualization of the Congress

Virtualization of the Congress

The notion of knowledge sharing continues to evolve with the Internet. Wikis, blogs, a MOOC allow to know everything about a topic or even keep track of the news published for a product, a brand or a leader in the industry in one click. Someone will regret the relative disappearance of human contact, but the economic benefits and the new agility found in different forms of access to knowledge are largely in favor of electronic means. This true as social networks partially offset the lack of human contact. Thus companies are forced to limit the number of employees who can actually go to another town for several days for meetings, symposia and congresses which costs remain important.

This approach has led users to create hashtags for topics that they think is newsworthy. This is so for WESTMMICE which could perfectly be followed, like the TEDx, in real-time or delayed by thousands of people to thousands of kilometers. We wiijl also see that the use of hashtags is a great way to interact with the participants, be they in the room or thousands of kilometers away.

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