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22 - 23nd October 2019
Belgrade, Serbia

Online and Offline Campaign Analysis in Tourism

Tourism and Travel industry often uses various online and offline channels for promoting its services. While we all stick to the common fact that in offline world you know you’ve spent your half of the budget wrong but don’t know which half, in Internet world it all becomes much clearer! If we plan our activities in a wise way, we can track the money we spent on a website visitor not only up to his arrival at the hotel but also while he is at the facility, spending his money on activities we organize for him.
In order to properly track the whole analytics circle, the first advice would be to establish a good website. Try not to hire the “cheapest kid next door”, because although he might be a good designer, he may not be able to follow your website needs once it is online. Just remember one line: a hard work on the website starts after it has been launched, not before.
To be able to properly track your website visitors’ behaviour, your website should have some analysis tool implemented. Nowadays, one of the most popular tools is Google Analytics - free, simple, intuitive but very powerful tool that helps us understand the way visitors interact with our website.
A proper website is usually conversion-based, with online booking as the most obvious conversion for hotel websites. Besides that, there are also many micro-conversions that we can measure: contact or registration forms submissions, newsletter subscriptions or even clicks to e-mail addresses. It is very important to define those conversions during website creation process and to make them measurable using Google Analytics or some similar tool.
Once we start measure conversions, our website reports shouldn’t focus on “number of visits” or “number of bookings”, because they are - just numbers or statistics. Better approach would be - try to find proper reasons why did your website visitors came and converted and why they didn’t. That is analytics. Once you are able to modify your website message, measure the impact of that change and use that knowledge for the future change, your website ROI will hit the ceiling and your hotel manager will be very happy.
The best you can do is to integrate your online booking system with Google Analytics, as well as to integrate your marketing activities into Google Analytics. That way you can see live how your campaign changes influence the conversions and modify your campaigns before its too late. Something you definitely can’t do in standard marketing!
But why stop at online marketing and online booking? Do you know you can prepare a newsletter or a printed ad that will boost your wellness activities? Do you know you can offer some discounts to your loyalty card customers and check their spendings? You probably know, but you probably don’t know that you can also measure that relations and show them within Google Analytics as well! Once you start preparing your online and offline marketing activities according to your online and offline revenue, only the sky will show you some limits! That happened to me and I still can’t stop and catch a breath.
Join me at session called “Online & Offline Campaign Analysis in Tourism” and check-out some nice examples of Google Analytics implementations in Tourism industry. I can guarantee your marketing ideas will never be the same again.

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